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Blockchain & Crypto Community Management is Important in the Blockchain Industry

Having proper blockchain and crypto community management is absolutely critical to any project. The tone of the community can play a large role in the sentiment of investors. A bullish vibe vs a bearish vibe can be the difference between a fast growing community and a negative community that fuds their own investment. 

All brand loyalists are created because of the amazing positive experience with the brand, the product, or the service. Our goal is to create brand loyalists by answering questions swiftly and ensuring that common concerns that are valid get passed to your team. 

Customer support and community management on social media are some of the main building blocks for building brand loyalists. This is extremely crucial in the Blockchain Industry since this young industry is heavily community-based.

At Marketing Crypto, we understand the importance of crypto community management for a blockchain project or start-up.  We know how to properly and effectively continue to enhance and manage a social following while keeping followers engaged. We have helped some of the leading brands in other industries manage their social media audience by monitoring and reacting to the various conversations and questions happening around the community. 

One of the most popular requested platforms is Telegram. Telegram community management for crypto projects can be difficult with spam. However, our team is fluent in all the bots that are effective at putting a stop to bot attacks, spam, and more. 

We have highly trained community managers that have worked with all major social media platforms such as Discord, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Reddit, Instagram, etc. to create, control, manage, commercialize content and provide the best customer service to your branded community. This includes capturing what the users want and truly listening to them.

Our Crypto Community Management Solutions are simple and effective

Social media marketing cannot be done from the spectator stands. Being proactive is crucial.  Our Community Managers come in as part of our social team to become your social media brand champions, uncovering real-time customer insights for impactful marketing strategies. We bring the knowledge and tools to build an epic brand experience for your community and drive results throughout the strategic marketing and adoption funnel.

We will help you create your crypto community management plan by organizing, strategizing, and implement the following:

Start managing the brand’s day-to-day presence on social media with a comprehensive strategy, topic content selection, content calendars, and real-time engagement.

Using the right tools, platforms, and skill-sets, we engage your community by turning users into advocates. Your community deserves the best customer service. Our community management services live and breathe the strategy to ensure they understand all the requirements before we start working together that will allow them to provide the interaction, the knowledge, conversions, and views.

Utilizing the power of social listening tools such as polling and front-line manual research, we can develop comprehensive, insightful, and actionable data for your brand to take the next step more effectively.

We adapt the nuances of each brand platform and apply your brand voice naturally to provide the best engagement. We help identify and select the right partner as a brand influencer that can relate to your brand to reach out to new communities and engage them in creative ways.   Our community management services have in-house partnership teams that handle all third-party opportunities, always keeping within your brand guidelines.

Level Up Your Brand Community Management Now!

We get it. As a blockchain start-up, we understand the importance of being present to your adopters and customers while you and your team continue to focus on the development of the product and/or service.

That is why we are here for you. Our in-house crypto community managers will work alongside you to create bold, on-brand, and recognizable graphics that are consistent across all of your channels.

Ready to level up your Brand with your community? If so, contact us now and we provide our free consultation to provide you with the right strategy to start managing your community. Get your FREE crypto community management consultation. 

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