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With several blockchain digital marketing agencies, you’ll want to know why you should choose us. Of course, we’re biased but we’ll present evidence as to why we should be strongly considered. Simply put, we’re on another level when it comes to our search engine optimization and pay per click results and strategies.

Our core differentiator is we’re a crypto & blockchain marketing agency with an extremely heavy emphasis on SEO & PPC. This is where we have over 12+ years of experience. Naturally, our clients requested add-on services so common services like PR, influencer onboarding, page management, etc; are also offered.

We’re not featured experts on our own website. We’re talking about being featured on SEMrush.com, SearchEngineJournal.com, and more! The owners have been featured as experts on the largest marketing websites in the world. With their content getting shared thousands of times.

How can we claim we’re nationally recognized? Well, we’ve had two consecutive years where we were shortlisted by the US Search Awards in Association with Pubcon for the Best SEO Campaign & the Best PPC Campaign. This was within our traditional agency. 

Why is this important? There were hundreds of entries by the most elite search marketing firms in the world. We were one agency out of 8 who were ultimately shortlisted. We did not win, but being shortlisted is one extremely large accomplishment. 

To truly separate us from the pack, you’ll feel reassured knowing one of the largest companies in the Fortune 500 chooses to work with us. This isn’t because we just threw together a website and hoped for the best. They understand we have the technical prowess, experience, and ability to think outside of the box to hit their KPIs.

The owners of MarketingCrypto.io have started and continue to manage successful agencies since 2010. We’re not some distant relative that watched a YouTube video and launched a crypto marketing agency. We’ve been running highly efficient marketing campaigns and we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. This allows us to utilize your advertising budget as effectively as possible to establish the highest ROI.

The proof is in the pudding, right? What kind of SEO agency can you be without dominating the #1 spot? Our traditional search marketing agency has been cemented in the #1 spot for the last 5+ years in one of the most competitive cities in the USA. We also rank thousands of landing pages for our clients in the first page of organic search results. Our case studies speak for themselves and we follow best practices to avoid any potential penalties.

You’ll never need to guess how your campaign is performing. We’ll create a custom performance dashboard within Google Analytics so you can see which mediums are producing the KPIs you determine most important. Furthermore, we can track nearly any metric you wish from phone calls, app downloads, chat inquiries, page subscriptions, average session duration, revenue and much more!

One of the partners worked directly at Google as a Google Ads Agency Account Manager. While at Google, Jeremy setup and managed over 250 different ad accounts for clients in most all industries. Since, starting his own agency, he is still a Premier Google Partner for the last 7 years. This allows us to get direct access to any support team inside of Google, faster ad approvals, bonus incentives, exclusive competitor analysis and access to many other features.   We’re also able to beta test new ad types, targeting and strategies. Having the intel to be able to look into competitors advertising campaigns and cherrypick the low hanging fruit is the easiest way to scale your business online.

Whether you are looking for a completely done-for-you solution or you are looking to outsource a few services to the experts, we have you covered. You're not required to have a full turnkey marketing system. We can provide you with just one service such as SEO or PPC if that is all you are looking for. Please note: Our minimum fiat requirements are $2,000 a month to our agency.

Your results are the most important and we wouldn’t take you on as a client unless we know we can achieve your goals. We’ll do our best to set the expectations with regards to how long it’ll take to get results. However, you’ll never be locked into a long-term contract. This gives your project the flexibility and forces us to “earn” our money month after month. We want to make money with you. Not from you.

We’re willing to put our money where our mouth is and partner with certain projects that meet our criteria. All owners of the company are heavily invested in many different crypto projects already and are open to partnering with other ICO’s and more established companies. We don’t just partner with every crypto project. We research heavily before we invest or promote a coin. In exchange for an allocation, we’ll do SEO, PPC management, content writing, PR publications or other digital marketing services we provide.

The Experts

To Take Your Blockchain-Based Company To The Next Level and Beyond

Jeremy Katz

Chief Marketing Officer

* Over $24 Million of Managed Ad Spend

* 8 Year Premier Google Partner & Former Google Employee

* Yearly Client Average ROAS is 7-10X

* Crypto Enthusiast Since 2015

Jason Hawkins

Chief Executive Officer

* Featured as an SEO Expert on SEMrush.com, SearchEngineJournal.com, and more!

* #1 Ranked SEO Agency in Miami

* US Search Awards Nominee 2 Consecutive Years in a Row

* Experienced with Tradfi, Defi, DAOs, NaaS, DaaS, and more.

Michael Wong

Chief Operating Officer

* Former Process Improvement Consultant and SaaS implementation consultant for Fortune 1000 companies

* Former Project Manager and Product Manager

* Experienced with Defi, Cefi, NFTs, and DAOs

* Crypto & Blockchain Enthusiast Since 2017

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