Top Crypto SEO Agencies - A Turnkey Approach

Everyone might claim they are one of the top crypto SEO agencies. With data, we’ll help prove the point by showing you the important factors to consider. SEO for blockchain & crypto companies (a.k.a – search engine optimization) is the art of providing so much value to your visitors that Google will naturally want to highlight your website as opposed to your competitors. 

In the most basic of examples, if your website was about tokenizing commercial real estate and you created 75 words about how it works while a competitor went into great depth and built out 1,000 words, with visual graphics, headings, etc; whose page do you think would provide more value? That is just the start and known as on-page SEO.

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The other major contributing factor to successful SEO for blockchain companies is off-page SEO. When you see a blue clickable link and it sends you to a 3rd party website, that is called a backlink. Backlinks are a major part of Google’s ranking algorithm. However, not all backlinks are created equal. In fact, building backlinks yourself might end up having the opposite desired effect and can actually get your website penalized if done improperly. There are manual penalties as well as algorithmic penalties. There are hundreds of ranking factors that Google has developed over the years, along with several algorithm updates. Feel free to click the link highlighted previously to learn more about all of the historical algorithm updates. is a turn-key blockchain digital marketing agency focusing on SEO for crypto projects. Our team focuses on much more than just traffic. When most companies will highlight their crypto SEO alone, we also focus on a critical aspect known as conversion rate optimization. This is the art of ensuring the maximum amount of traffic turns into a lead.

With Blockchain & Crypto SEO Agencies - The Proof is in the Pudding

When searching for the most competent, best crypto SEO agencies that specialize in blockchain SEO, you’ll want to see they have ranked for some competitive keywords. The owners of have several marketing agencies sitting on Page One of Google and have been Google Premier Partners for over 9 years! If we did it for ourselves it proves we do not “pitch” theory, but actionable items that equate to results. 

Part of our success is due to our extensive planning prior to the campaign launching. This in-depth research allows us to formulate an action plan designed to deliver results. We’ll take a look for low hanging fruit, analyze your competitors to see what they have done, and come up with a plan to overtake them. Crypto SEO is more competitive than ever as many companies don’t want to indefinitely pay Google. Several clients prefer to take a hybrid approach and utilize both PPC for blockchain while running their SEO Campaign.

Did you know has zero contracts? Several references can be given to any prospect that we feel would be a great fit for our services!

White Hat Crypto SEO vs Black Hat Crypto SEO - What’s the Difference?

Many times, crypto seo agencies will do whatever it takes to get you fast results. With SEO, that can actually backfire. As noted above, there have been several algorithm updates to target blackhat SEO tactics which Google looks at as cheating. With blackhat SEO, you may rank in a couple of months only to get de indexed or pushed back 100 pages with an algorithmic penalty. 

To avoid that, it is best to work with a crypto marketing agency that specializes in white hat crypto SEO. White hat crypto SEO marketing is all about delivering value to your readers. While it is more time consuming, it is the method that can last for years and years. We’ve dominated the #1 spot in one of the toughest areas in the entire country for over 5 years. That means we’ve weathered through several major algorithm updates.

This is why fortune 500 companies trust our team to deliver. 

Our goal at isn’t about bringing you on as a client if we do not feel that we can assist you. For this reason, not every company will be a great fit for SEO or PPC. Some examples of good fits would be P2E gaming companies, Tokenizing of Real Estate, Decentralized Hosting, etc. This list is not exhaustive. However, it was provided to give you an idea of what type of industries are good. These are good industries because there is already traditional search volume for the incumbents.

What Kind of Audience Can You Find with Crypto SEO?

Crypto SEO can accomplish visibility of ideal users. For instance, if you offer decentralized hosting – showing up organically eventually for – decentralized hosting company would be a great idea. As your website ages and builds trust (and links), you can start to target harder keywords like hosting company alternatives and other variations (there are hundreds, sometimes thousands)

Some companies wish to attract actual investors with their token. Whatever your goal is we’ll give you an honest answer as to whether we feel crypto SEO would be advantageous for your project. Attracting investors however is typically more suited for Twitter influencers.

How Much Does a Blockchain or Crypto SEO Agency Cost?

The cost is largely dictated by the amount of work that needs to be done to achieve your goals. As an easy example, if you are targeting a keyword with virtually no competition because you believe in a few years, there will be competition. It will not take as much compared to trying to rank for a search query like – hosting company. 

Turn-key crypto SEO campaigns that include on-page SEO & off-page SEO can go up to $15,000+ per month. Of course, smaller campaigns can be less. The scope of the project, amount of keywords, competition of those keywords, use cases of a project (if a project has 5 sub-products, we can optimize for 5 different thematic groups), etc.

How Is Success Determined with SEO Campaigns for Crypto?

There are essentially 3 phases when doing crypto SEO which correlate to success. They are as follows:


Before you get any traffic, you must be ranked for a keyword that gets some sort of search volume.


Once ranked, visitors will find your webpage or website. At this point, a Title that encourages users to click by provoking an emotion or curiosity will help you generate more traffic.


If your website is designed well and it offers valuable information which helps to solve a problem your visitor has, they should naturally want to reach out to you.

For premier clients, our team will go above and beyond to assist with conversion rate optimization which some other agencies charge in excess of $1,000 a month for alone. Our goal is to deliver maximum value to all clients. Maximum value as achieved by producing measurable results.

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