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Looking for the best blockchain PR firms? are the navy seals of crypto marketing & PR. Our leadership team has been recognized by the US Search Awards in association with Pubcon, featured as experts on industry leading websites, have worked at Google, and more. There are zero one-size fits all press release campaigns for blockchain companies and crypto projects.

Getting your crypto project trending on popular blockchain & crypto websites is vital to the long-term perception of your brand. It all starts with the brand. If you nail the branding and perception of your brand, this is how you can create an engaged, die-hard community. 

Whether you are a startup crypto project or a revenue generating blockchain company, we’ll consult with you to learn your objectives. After our discovery call, our team will meet to put together a plan of action to ensure your goals are hit. However, to give you an idea on our thought process, proceed to our 3-prong approach.

Blockchain PR Firms - How We’re Different has the tools and experience to stretch your budget the furthest. Our ideology is to take a three-pronged approach to our crypto & blockchain press release campaigns. 

Our first goal is for your project to be perceived as a serious contender that is picked up on some of the most popular websites found on the internet. If your project is a memecoin, this may not be important to you. However, we’ve spoken with projects that are disrupting TradFi and having the perceived trust was critical. While getting some mainstream attention is important on websites like Forbes, Huffington Post, etc; they are not your ideal personas. However, it lends credibility to your project, which is an important factor by itself. 

Secondly, you’ll want to get visibility on blockchain and crypto specific websites. Some names that may come to mind are  CryptoSlate, CoinTelegraph, and more. As you know, more and more projects are popping up more than ever. Being able to stand out from the crowd on these websites requires strategic positioning. Getting organic visibility is always preferred and what we strive for. However – this can only be accomplished when working with a project that we can frame in a unique way. A fork of a meme coin with no added utility will be difficult to get serious crypto contenders excited about. In short, the strategy will be unique and personalized to your project along with your goals.

The final prong would be organic press visibility. Our team has been in the digital marketing space since 2012 and have built an extensive list of various contacts and journalists. They will reach out to us when a certain story is needed but they need a source. We’ll pass over the information to you and strategize on responses. Sometimes we simply don’t have what they’re looking for. Here is an example you can appreciate. A top news station was inquiring about companies and their stance on requiring COVID vaccines in the workplace. We wouldn’t be able to respond as we have no idea your position on the topic, however, you’d be able to secure an amazing free placement to a top news site which is incredible with regards to SEO for blockchain and crypto companies.

An Honest Opinion from

Fortunately, we don’t need to take on clients just to bring them on. If we feel you wouldn’t be a good fit for PR Management, we’ll be the first to mention it to you after learning your goals. 

We’re here for a long-term partnership, not a small payday. Your best interests are our best interests as we want to make money with you, not from you. 

This position strongly separates us from many in the industry who hop in for cash grabs. Whether you’d like to choose an a la carte service or demand a full turnkey marketing system, has you covered. 

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