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Our Crypto PPC agency for blockchain projects & companies (a.k.a – Crypto Paid Ads Advertising on Google, Bing, & LinkedIn) can be very effective for cryptocurrency entities but there are certain restrictions for both platforms. Cryptocurrency and blockchain projects are continuing to explode and the major search engines can no longer ignore the consumer demand and aggressive advertising budgets. This is why finding a proven and experienced crypto PPC agency is critical to long-term growth. It comes to little surprise that Google implemented strict regulations to help limit scams and unrecognized projects. In 2020, Google was in the middle of a major lawsuit involving a bitcoin giveaway from someone who impersonated Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Why We Are The Global Crypto Paid Ads Industry Leaders

Our CMO, Jeremy Katz, worked directly at Google as a Google Ads Agency Account Manager and has been a Google Premier Partner for over 9 years. We have set up and managed over 300 profitable Google Ads accounts for clients in all industries. We currently run crypto paid ads & PPC campaigns for multiple international brands, cryptocurrency projects, a Fortune 500 company and we have managed over 26 million dollars of ad spend. We have direct connection with internal Google departments to get your ads expedited and running as efficiently as possible. We are currently generating a 7x – 10x ROI on ad spend as a rolling average between all of our PPC campaigns. This means that if you have a $10,000 USD monthly PPC budget, we can confidently generate between $70,000 – $100,000 of revenue if we feel comfortable advertising your project.

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Current Crypto Paid Ads & PPC Regulations - (Updated December, 2021)

Google lifted a stringent ban on all cryptocurrency advertising on August 3rd, 2021. Although several regulated projects are now able to advertise on Google

Which Cryptocurrency Entities Cannot Currently Run Crypto Google Ads

Which Cryptocurrency Entities Can Run Google Ads

In the United States and several other countries, crypto exchanges and wallets can advertise on Google if they are either a federal or state chartered bank entity or are registered with FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. There are roughly 5,000 state-chartered banks that the FDIC regulates. If you are not a chartered bank entity, you can register your wallet or exchange by visiting this page.

According to a recent Google Ads support article, “Cryptocurrency exchanges are allowed to advertise through Google Ads, but they must be certified by Google, and their products, landing pages, and ads must meet all local legal requirements of the country they want to get certified for”. However, several projects choose to advertise in regions outside of the United States to not worry about the regulation associated with the USA.

Rolling Spot Forex

  • Allowed with Limitations
  • Google allows ads promoting complex speculative financial products targeting the United States, as long as the provider of these products is licensed by the National Futures Association (NFA). Other local legal requirements must also be met, including leverage caps and risk warnings.
  • Advertisers must also be certified with Google.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Wallets

  • Allowed with Limitations
  • Google allows ads promoting cryptocurrency exchanges targeting the United States, as long as the advertiser either (a) is registered with FinCEN as a Money Services Business and with a state as a money transmitter or (b) is a federal or state chartered bank entity. Any other local legal requirements must also be complied with, whether at a state or federal level.
  • Advertisers must also be certified with Google.

How To Get Verified To Advertise Your Crypto PPC Campaign on Google

After you have registered with FinCen or opt to target other countries, we can help you get verified and approved to start running within 2-5 business days. Here is a direct link to the form to apply for verification. Google is more lenient to let crypto exchanges target United States consumers if they meet the requirements. However, if you are registered outside of the US, we have other solutions that we can help with.

Can You Advertise Cryptocurrency Projects on Bing Ads?

Although Microsoft’s Bing blocked about 5 million cryptocurrency ads in 2018, they have recently been more lenient on allowing certain projects to advertise. According to our assigned Bing Ads Agency rep, they are now allowing advertisers to promote several crypto entities similar to those allowed to advertise in Google. This allows advertising for cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges that are registered in the US and targeting US customers. There are other countries such as Europe that are able to advertise certain cryptocurrency businesses. As the same for Google, Bing does not allow advertising for ICO’s or entities promoting the sale, trade or purchase of specific cryptocurrencies.

How Much Of Your Advertising Budget Should You Allocate Towards Crypto Paid Ads?

Since there are many other effective and efficient ways to advertise your blockchain company and not just crypto paid ads, we do not recommend you spend your entire budget on Google and Bing Ads. We suggest identifying your unique goals ahead of time to determine exactly who your target audience is, along with realistic goals. We offer a free consultation with our expert team who have helped hundreds of companies dramatically increase their revenue online. Typically, we recommend about 15-25% of your total advertising budget should be allocated to pay per click campaigns.

What Is The Average Cost Per Click For Cryptocurrency Keywords in Google Ads?

The average CPC varies fairly significantly between the different cryptocurrency services and whether the search phrase is general or long tail. Based on average CPC’s from our other crypto Google Ads campaigns and also comparing data from here is a rough idea of different rates in USD you can expect to pay. Please note that since we always build campaigns utilizing Google Best Practices, we are able to boost quality scores and pay less than most other advertisers to be in the same ad positions.

Rough estimates of search volume and CPC’s in only the US from December 2021.

General Cryptocurrency Keywords

$3 - $5 USD / click (Roughly 1 Million searches/month)

Cryptocurrency Exchange Keywords

$5.50 - $8 USD / click (Roughly 55,000 searches/month)

Cryptocurrency Wallet Keyword

$7.75 - $10.50 USD/click (Roughly 35,000 searches/month)

Cryptocurrency News Keywords

$2 - $4.75 USD / click (Roughly 35,000 searches/month)

How To Choose The Best Crypto PPC Marketing Agency For Your Cryptocurrency Project?

There are several crypto PPC agencies or individuals who represent themselves as experts in the field but it can be difficult to filter who is the best. Teaming up with the right company that truly understands the regulations and loopholes in the industry is under-appreciated. If you hire a crypto marketing team with experience running crypto ads, you have a much better chance of getting your ads serving faster and more efficiently. If you don’t choose the right team, you could get your ads and even site suspended which will also affect your crypto SEO campaign.

Here are some determining factors on how to choose the best crypto paid ad agency.

Is the agency a Premier Google Partner and Microsoft Bing Ads Partner?

We have access to internal teams that can assist with ad approval, beta campaigns, industry reporting and analysis, ect.

Does the agency specialize in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency advertising?

Work with a company that day in and day out works within the crypto space and you will get better results than working with a typical ad agency.

Make sure the agency has meticulous tracking and you know your exact goals

There is nothing worse than spending money and having no idea where it is going. Rather than throwing darts against the wall to see what sticks, create specific goals and track your ROI and ROAS down to the search query.

Don’t work with an agency that requires a contract or long commitment

This is a red flag that agencies require a 6 month or 12 month contract when advertising. Our philosophy is tracking, data and testing. If we are noticing another advertising platform or service is yielding better ROI, we try to maximize growth where we see fit.

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