Influencer Marketing For Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Projects

Crypto influencer marketing via podcasts, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and other social platforms is the leading marketing expense for most blockchain brands. However, it has proven to also be the most profitable. 

If you want to efficiently reach your ideal crypto audience, then partnering with the right influencers is your best bet. It’s not about choosing influencers with the most followers, rather collaborating with influencers in the specific crypto niche of your project. It’s much more cost effective to target investors instead of users who are simply looking for a free airdrop.

We Help Your Blockchain or Cryptocurrency Brand Go Viral

By having connections with an elite team of many cryptocurrency legends and publications, we can symbiotically match influencers to achieve your specific goals. Rather than throwing a bunch of darts against the wall in the dark and seeing what sticks, it is best to pinpoint your exact target audience and reverse engineer success based on your specific goals.

100% Free Influencer Consulting Consultations

We never offer any cookie cutter marketing solutions. We always help blockchain projects identify their ideal marketing goals and come up with a unique and creative strategy based on budget and estimates. This is a 100% complementary service that we offer since every blockchain company is unique and we want to make sure we are only partnering with ethical legitimate projects. 

As you can imagine, reputation is extremely important in the crypto space and we have spent many years curating a list of trusted influencers. We want to make sure that we only bring these influencers to other crypto brands where it is mutually beneficial in promoting growth for both sides.

Adapting To a Constantly Changing Marketing Ideology

Successful digital marketing strategies have changed drastically in the past decade. This is especially true for blockchain companies trying to gain exposure and investors. Facebook, Instagram and Google are very strict with allowing only a few projects to advertise on their platforms. Organic growth has always been the holy grail in digital marketing and that hasn’t changed. This is why influencer marketing is the fastest way to grow your blockchain brand if done correctly. Instead of paying per click or per impression like that of Google or Facebook, influencer marketing is not a typical auction style marketplace.

It can be extremely difficult for a lesser known cryptocurrency brand to connect with respected influencers. On top of that, many times influencers request a lot more money for shoutouts or collaborations if approached directly. It is almost always better to partner with a crypto focused influencer marketing agency to get the best prices and target the most appropriate audience.

How To Choose The Right Blockchain Influencer For My Brand?

Identify Your Goals

First identify your specific goals and target audience. If you contact an influencer or agency and they give you a quote or suggestions before you collaborate on goals, they are a bad fit since they don’t care about your success.

Get An Idea

Get an idea of the audiences of the influencers and make sure they are similar to yours. Ideally, it is best to niche down to focus on audiences that are typically interested in sub crypto topics such as NFTs, DeFi, Securities, Exchanges, ect.

Allocate Your Budget

Determine how much budget you want to allocate in both a short term and long term mindset. We hardly ever recommend a short 1 and done strategy with one or two influencer shoutouts. It’s best to get creative and think outside of the box to stretch your budget further instead of spending your entire budget on one Coin Telegraph mention for example. Come up with a logical ROI estimate from your influencer marketing strategy so you can consistently build brand awareness the entire year.

Make A Research

Research the agency or influencer and make sure they are respected and ethical. It is extremely easy to purchase fake followers and it can be difficult to spot the difference between legitimate accounts and garbage ones. It is important to look at the amount of followers and number of posts of the influencers followers. If their followers have under 100 followers and very little content, then remarketing to them is pointless. This is why we recommend you hire an ethical company like

How Much Do Cryptocurrency Influencers Typically Charge?

The amount each influencer charges can vary substantially depending on many factors. Some of the biggest factors include industry respect, follower engagement, audience quantity and frequency of content vs promotions. There is no price menu of influencer fees since that is ever changing and unique. 

By allowing an influencer agency to negotiate on your behalf, you can assure that you find the most appropriate partners at the best rates. Contact us today for your 100% free, no obligation consultation.

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