NaaS Marketing – Nodes as a Service Digital Marketing

With a new industry born which many are calling defi 3.0, nodes as a service marketing and defi as a service marketing requests are beginning to gain more attention. In this post, we’ll take a look at the marketing for these types of projects since they are closely related. 

With you get the perfect blend of seasoned crypto professionals with a significant background in digital marketing. Take a glance at our Why Us page and you’ll see how we stand out from the crowd. 

Whether you are just launching a project with innovative treasury investments, bringing game theory to NaaS, or any other value add you need marketing. Even if you are an established project, we can assist you in becoming the dominant player and ensuring confidence in your existing community. Read on to learn how. The best project can fail without adoption. That’s where comes into play. 


Table of Contents:

Just Launching? Getting Your Ducks in a Row

Project Recently Launch? Growing your Community

Pay Per Click Management for Nodes as a Service

Becoming the Undisputed Top NaaS Project with SEO

Tracking & Turnkey NaaS Marketing Solutions


NaaS Marketing – Just Launching? Getting Ducks in a Row

If you are just launching due to a smart contract innovation or you see an opportunity in this space, getting people interested in your project is critical. This can be accomplished in many ways but first you need to have something that sets you apart. 

With so many rug pulls on projects like Ring, there are certain steps you can take to immediately set yourself apart as a legitimate project. We’re happy to consult with you regarding what you can do to build your communities trust prior to spending money on marketing activities. 

Our entire goal is to make money with you, not from you. 


NaaS Marketing – Already Launched? Growing Your Community 

Once you are launched, it is important to constantly grow your community. Sentiment needs to be positive for newcomers to want to get involved. A community manager is critical for this reason. Slaying FUD while tolerating proper critical questions is a delicate balance that must be achieved. 

Getting the word out about your project along with what separates your project is what will allow us to grow your project. Of course, if you are a fork without many value adds, no KYC, and a non-doxxed team it will cost far more money to have the same impact vs a project which has done all the above. 


NaaS PPC – Pay Per Click Management for Nodes as a Service

Give us a call and speak to our team about how PPC might be of help to your project. Our team has vast experience running FB ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, and more. Targeting can be extremely granular and our team is known for thinking outside of the box. This means not just running typical ads to your home page. 

Our founders’ agencies were some of the first to advertise medical marijuana on Google. For this reason, we’re confident in being able to draft a unique strategy to gain visibility. Our targeting is also on blockchain-based search engines in addition to traditional. Depending on your overall goals, we’ll come up with a plan of action together. 


NaaS SEO – Becoming the Undisputed Top Project

If you’re a NaaS project with high ambitions with a KYC’d team (or lead dev) from a company, you’ll want to gain maximum exposure. This especially holds true if your project is already a trusted leader in the space. 

This can be done with SEO & PPC. First, if any member of your community Google’s – “what is the best NaaS protocol”, and your project comes up first on the search engine this helps with confirmation. It is also ammunition for the entire community to promote on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, 4chan, etc. 

SEO for Nodes as a Service projects can take a few months or longer. The timing depends on the age of the website and budget allocated to SEO. NaaS SEO requires a significant amount of content production but we can meet with you to also repurpose some of your existing content and structure / link it to have maximum SEO impact. 


Tracking & Turnkey NaaS Marketing Solutions

Accountability is immensely important in this space. Our outlook is sharing the most granular reporting and KPIs as defined by our clients is what keeps them satisfied. During our discovery call, we’ll ask what sort of data you’d like to see on a consistent basis as well as learn about your expectations. 

Our goal is to paint your project in the best light possible and get it in front of targeted eyeballs. Sophisticated tracking software will assist us in providing you with reports. 

If you’re busy with creating your project as the leader or a developer who just doesn’t have the time to make it happen, you can trust Fill out our form so we can schedule a complimentary discovery call to learn more about your project. 



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