Display Advertising For Crypto Companies – 3 Ways To Not Waste Money

display advertising for crypto companiesYou should consider programmatic and display advertising for crypto companies if the goal is to target potential investors, gain more awareness or efficiently get your ads in front of likeminded crypto individuals.

Google has placed many restrictions on search ads for crypto companies. Running crypto ads in Bing and Duck Duck Go can also be a challenge. However, there are still many effective advertising solutions with extremely relevant targeting. 

A few of the most successful crypto advertising solutions outside of Google and Bing are display advertising for crypto companies and programmatic advertising via contextual targeting on cryptocurrency focused websites.  Crypto paid ads are essential to instantly boosting awareness, project sentiment or token price.

The Difference Between Programmatic Ads and Display Ads for Crypto Companies

Display advertising for crypto companies is relatively new while traditional display advertising has been around since the mid-90’s and consists of different size banners on ad networks such as Google Display Network, Yahoo and Bing. You can run native display ads that blend into other blogs or articles in different websites (placements). You can also serve your ads on traditional display placements that appear in different ad sections throughout millions of different websites. 

Programmatic ads are not served through an ad network but they are optimized automatically based on algorithmic technology. This can give advertisers better placement targeting across many different platforms for cheaper CPM’s. Although programmatic advertising can be automatic, it is still extremely crucial to do meticulous research on audiences and strategies prior to set up. We have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted from other advertisers who did not properly set up their programmatic or traditional display campaigns and we will make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.

3 Things To Not Waste Money Running Crypto Display Ads

    1. Only Run Crypto Ads on FinTech, Crypto or Blockchain-Based Websites

      It is recommended to capture the low hanging fruit of people who are proactively researching on similar websites. Just because an audience is associated with finance, does not mean they would be interested in your crypto service or company. It is always best to niche down to specific sub segments of different placements such as DeFi, NFTs and GameFi. This ensures that no advertising spend is wasted. If you have a more aggressive budget, it is best to be creative and identify the different websites, blogs or apps that your most important potential investors are visiting.

    2. Landing Page Needs To Be Sexy with Prevalent Call To Actions

      Over 12 years managing different online advertising agencies, we realized it is crucial to have a properly functioning mousetrap before providing the cheese. Where the visitors land on your site is their first impression and it needs to represent your professionalism and brand. Conversion rate optimization is a complementary service that we offer clients because it is crucial to their success. Making minor tweaks to verbiage or graphics can instantly boost conversion rates by 50%-100%.

    3. Rarely Advertise on Apps

      After we have adopted many accounts, we have noticed that impressions and clicks from ads on applications and games account for 95% of unnecessary wasted ad spend. Since there are literally millions of apps to exclude, we usually exclude all app categories and targeting all together. There are better blogs and websites to advertise on that make more sense for your project.

Benefits of Advertising on Crypto Specific Ad Networks

programmatic and display advertising for crypto companies

  • Cost effective for specific targeting 

Display advertising for crypto companies with a crypto ad network is one of the most cost-effective advertising solutions. You see real-time results and the ROI is impressive for most clients. 

  • No FinCen or SEC Registration Necessary

Regardless if you are a crypto wallet, exchange, ICO, IDO or other blockchain entity, you can advertise on crypto specific ad networks with millions of monthly visitors. You do not need to be registered with FinCen the SEC or any other regulatory entity. 

*Please note that we are picky with the clients we take on as we do not want to promote rug pulls

  • High Visitor Intent

Most people visiting these crypto or blockchain specific websites are potential investors or users so the intent is much higher than targeting a broad audience. There are options to layer targeting and get extremely granular on target audiences. However, the CPM’s are usually lower with a larger audience size. 

  • Global Reach Available

We can help you target as specific as zip codes and states into almost every single country in the world. We have identified specific markets such as Japan, Israel, UK and the US as currently being the most efficient advertising countries to target crypto companies. 

  • Cryptocurrency Payment Options

To run ads on crypto based ad networks, you can pay in USD or tokens such as USDT, USDC, ETH or Bitcoin. 

Why MarketingCrypto.io for Your Crypto Display Ads

Our advertising network boasts more than 100 cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFT-oriented websites. 

The MarketingCrypto.io ad network has a global reach, but the majority is English-speaking. We target Tier 1 markets such as the US, Canada, and the UK. We reach up to 175 million readers each month in the crypto space. 

  1. Working With The Biggest and Best in the Industry

    We partner with CoinTelegraph Group Sites – #1 in crypto media worldwide 
    CoinQuara Group – #10 in crypto media worldwide. 

  2. Broad Network Topics

    Our crypto ad network features powerful reach in the following crypto sub topics: 

    • Crypto news
    • Blockchain technology
    • NFT news
    • Token listing
    • Financial technology
    • Crypto investment
    • Crypto finance
    • Mining tech
    • Blockchain forum
    • Finance news

    Whatever your company offers in the crypto space, we can place ads for maximum impact and exposure to boost token sales or other KPI’s. 

  3. Targeting Solution

    MarketingCrypto.io uses a contextual targeting solution that matches your ad content with similar page content. This means no cookies, so it works flawlessly on iPhone and non-Chrome browsers that don’t use cookies. 

  4. Always Know Campaign Results

    No guessing how your crypto ad campaign is performing. Our team creates a custom ad performance dashboard inside Google Analytics and we can go a step further to track Web3 conversions. There is no point shooting in the dark when we can track literally everything.
    Some options for tracking include: whitelist subscriptions, email opt-ins, app downloads, phone calls, revenue, chat inquiries, and much more. 

  5. High-Visibility Placements

    MarketingCrypto.io offers many placement types in hundreds of publications in our network. In addition, we offer access to the most visible, premium sticky footer position. 
    Here’s an example
    This ad measures 729×90 on desktops and 320×100 on mobile and is always visible. Plus, our company gives access to conventional 300×250 ads within page content. We also A/B test various ad positions so you enjoy the best CTR.  

  6. We Invest In Crypto Projects

    All company owners heavily invest in crypto projects, and we work with everything from ICOs to the most well-established crypto companies. We understand this space, and it’s reflected in our results. 


Display Advertising for Crypto Companies – The Conclusion

Crypto ad networks are a proven and highly efficient way to market your cryptocurrency product or service. As a result, your offering is promoted to a large crypto audience with extremely high user intent.

You should reconsider crypto advertising on a general marketing network and have an expert team like Marketingcrypto.io maximize your ad budget. We pride ourselves as one of the leading crypto and blockchain marketing agencies with 12 years and $36M of paid ads managed. 

Schedule your free consultation with our crypto marketing experts at Marketingcrypto.io today to see how our display advertising for crypto companies can bring new exposure to your project. 


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