NFT Marketing Agency – Discover 3 Awesome Strategies to Boost NFT Sales

nft marketing agencyFinding a NFT marketing agency that thinks outside the box isn’t the easiest task. There are so many crypto marketing agencies that will simply recommend a few influencers to share your project. The issue is that these influencers will get paid X,XXX or XX,XXX regardless of sales outcome from them sharing your project. It is akin to throwing everything at the wall and seeing what will stick. Nicely put, an inefficient use of capital.

While has access to all these influencers, we take even take it a step further and categorize our influencers by their general audience type. Some are heavily defi based, some are NFT based, etc. However, that really isn’t thinking outside of the box. So in this blogpost, we’ll share 3 unique strategies proven to be an effective NFT marketing agency strategy.

NFT Marketing Agency Strategy # 1 – Paid Ads Twitter Strategy

In addition to simply targeting influencers and spending thousands for a post / retweet, you can also target those who have shown interest in NFT projects before. There is a massive amount of NFT lovers on Twitter and targeting them with Paid Ads can be a more efficient use of your capital compared to just having a one-time influencer share the project. Of course, if the budget is there you can do both influencer campaigns in addition to a Twitter paid ads campaign.

twitter nft marketingTwitter will allow you to target specific keywords. As a NFT marketing agency, we’re keen on utilizing long-tail keywords with buying intent. We’ll also utilize some informative type searches for those who seek to learn about similar new NFT projects.

As one of the top crypto PPC agencies, our team can drill down your audience persona based on their search queries. So if their searching for a new NFT project, we’ll be there to show your ads to them and work directly with you to paint your NFT project in the best possible light. In addition to search queries, we can also target users based on their recent tweets and even tweets that they have engaged with.

As you can see, the targeting can get very granular. This can be hugely advantageous to the right project who wants to expand their reach to the general NFT market or even a specific niche market within the NFT space.

NFT Marketing Agency Strategy # 2 – Display & Programmatic Ads

The audience you are targeting likely frequents several popular websites known in the crypto space. One goliath is known as However, there are others which are targeted specifically towards NFTs. Depending upon your project type will also determine which targets would be ideal.

Some artists release 1/1 NFTs, sometimes celebrities release NFTs with utility, and then there are even passive income NFTs, in addition to standard 10,000 PFP NFTs. NFTs will continue to grow in use-cases, so being able to identify the perfect audience for your project is paramount in stretching your ad dollars. is not a broker and we have formed direct relationships with nearly all of the largest publishers in the space and even smaller more niche ones. This allows us to offer more value to our clients by having access to a greater library of sites which could be a great fit for your project.

NFT Marketing Agency Strategy # 3 – Sustainable Growth = SEO for NFTs

Everyone thinks about today but our NFT marketing agency thrives working with projects which have a long-term plan. While some are all about the sales of their project and then do not have much else planned, the projects which have long-term use cases would be a perfect match for SEO. This is especially true because SEO for NFTs is something that several projects are over looking. As a result, we see a huge opportunity for the right projects to dominate the search engines. SEO can take 3 months for non-competitive keywords and can sometimes take well over 1+ year for extremely competitive keywords.

SEO for NFT projects is great because search engine optimization is the gift that keeps giving. Once you are ranked you do not have to worry about paying for ads to get exposure. Your project will show up 24/7 and you will never need to make a payment to show up. Of course, other projects may try to outrank you but if you have a head start and maintain content production along with a strong off-page SEO foundation, you’ll be solid for quite sometime.

If long-term sustainable growth is something your project is interested in, we’ll be happy to collaborate and identify which keywords would drive utility and the desired action to your NFT project. Our team looks into KPIs that actually matter. While we can report on vanity metrics such as rankings, search volume, etc; our goal is to make sure that these users are taking action.

Taking the Next Steps + A Bonus Tip!

Included in select packages that we offer, you’ll also enjoy conversion rate optimization consulting. This allows your visitors to complete desired actions at a higher percentage. We’ll A/B test several iterations and measure which versions yield better results. After we determine a winner, we can A/B test again. Rinse and repeat. If you can 5x your conversion rates with the same amount of traffic, once SEO kicks in, you’ll be enjoying a stream of new KPI activity.

Even if you do not wish to utilize our services, we strongly consider you implement some conversion rate optimization techniques yourself to help improve your conversion rate. However, after speaking with several projects we know that several developers are typically overloaded with work so we’re here to help if you need it.

You’ll enjoy’s low pressure approach as a NFT marketing agency. Our entire team is passionate about the crypto space and even if we can give you value and you choose to go a different route, that’s totally cool. Making connections in this space is something we’ve been doing for a while now and giving value to everyone we can certainly helps our reputation. If you have any questions about how our NFT marketing agency can help you, give us a call or fill out one of our forms.


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