How To Transition to Google Analytics 4 By 2023

Curious about how to transition to Google Analytics 4? Millions of companies use Universal Google Analytics to understand their customers and improve their online experiences. More commerce is going online and companies are under more pressure than ever to maximize every marketing dollar spent. That’s what makes digital analytics tools so important today. 

But current analytics approaches haven’t kept up with changes in consumer behavior and evolving privacy concerns. A Forrester Consulting survey revealed recently that marketers want to improve how they use analytics, but current solutions make it challenging to get a 360-degree view of the customer and gain vital insights from that data. 

Google is taking action and offering your marketing team more analytics tools than ever before. 

Google Analytics 4 – A New, More Intelligent Google Analytics

To assist marketers in getting better ROI from their marketing, Google created a new, more intelligent version of Google Analytics. It’s called Google Analytics 4 (GA4). 

Google Analytics 4 will apply the company’s advanced machine learning so the new version of Analytics can alert you automatically to how your data is trending. 

For example, GA4 can issue an alert if a certain product is selling faster. It also can assist you to anticipate future actions customers may take. This can be immensely beneficial to us as a crypto PPC agency!

Google Analytics 4 can calculate churn probability so your company can assign resources to retain customers when marketing budgets are strained. 

There are so many benefits to the new Google Analytics, and it’s important to take advantage of them soon. 

Universal Analytics Will No Longer Process Data As Of July 1, 2023 

As of July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics properties will not process data anymore. You’ll still be able to see Universal Analytics reports for a limited time after July 1, 2023. But new data will only be sent to Google Analytics 4 properties. All crypto SEO agencies should be aware of this. 

Google Analytics 4 – which used to be called ‘App + Web’ – has several advantages over Universal Analytics: 

  • Features additional privacy safeguards and is built to be durable for the future
  • Uses AI and machine learning to uncover vital insights about your customer’s journey across many devices and platforms
  • Seamless and enhanced integration with Google advertising platforms to boost ad campaign performance and increase marketing ROI

Please continue reading to find out how to transition to Google Analytics 4

How To Get Started With GA4 

To enjoy the features of Google Analytics 4, you’ll need to establish a Google Analytics 4 property for your site or application. To do this, you need to be an editor on the Google Analytics account. 

  • If you are entirely new to Analytics, you need to set up an account and create a Google Analytics 4 property
  • If you already have set up Universal Analytics, you just need to add Google Analytics 4 to your current setup. Click GA4 Setup Assistant and create your Google Analytics 4 property so it gathers data alongside your Universal Analytics property. The Universal Analytics property should be left unchanged and it will continue to collect data for now. 
  • If you are using a website builder platform that needs you to use a ‘UA” ID, don’t worry – you can still use Google Analytics 4. You just need to paste the global site tag – gtag.js – snippet into your site’s CUMS custom HTML field. You can choose your website builder on this table to receive instructions specific to that platform.

Additional Google Analytics 4 Setup Instructions

Create your Google Analytics 4 property with the following instructions: 

  1. In your Google Analytics account, click Admin at the lower left. 
  2. Under Account, be sure that your preferred account is selected. If you only have one account, it will be automatically selected. 
  3. Under Property, choose the UA property that is currently gathering data for your site. 
  4. Under Property, select GA4 Setup Assistant. This is the first option under the Property column. 
  5. Select Get Started under ‘I want to create a new Google Analytics 4 property.’ 
  6. If your website uses a gtag.js tag, you can enable data collection with your current tags. 
    1. If your site uses a CMS or builder that supports the gtag.js tag, you also may be able to enable data collection with existing tags. 
    2. If your site uses a CMS or builder that doesn’t support the gtag.js tag or if you use Google tag manager, the GA4 wizard can’t reuse the existing tagging. So you will need to add it yourself
  7. Select Create Property. After you click Create Property, this is what the setup wizard does: 
    1. Creates the new Google Analytics 4 property. 
    2. Copies property name, URL, timezone, and currency from your UA property. 
    3. Turns on enhanced measurement in the new GA4 property. 
    4. Makes a connection between your UA and GA4 properties. 
    5. If your site has a gtag.js tag, and you chose to enable data collection with existing tags, it will create a connected site tag between your UA and GA4 properties. 

After this is done, you’ll see a confirmation that you connected your UA and GA4 property successfully at the top of the Setup Assistant page. 

Now What? 

Next, use the Setup Assistant for the new Google Analytics 4 property to finish your property configuration. After the new property is working and data is flowing, check out these features: 

In Conclusion 

Google 4 Analytics is the new, default way for new properties and is where Google is investing its analytics resources. 

Marketers can look forward to many new analytics and data features and benefits with the new Google Analytics. So, create a new Google Analytics 4 property today, alongside your current properties. 

This will help you collect data and benefit from the latest Google innovations as they come online while maintaining your current implementation. If your blockchain or crypto company needs a crypto marketing agency to help you with Google Analytics 4 migration, give us a call today! 


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