Utility Token Marketing – 2 Effective Ways to Stand Out

utility token marketing agencyUtility token marketing is a different beast when compared to a memecoin or project with little utility. The goal of marketing utility tokens should be to have a sustainable path of growth. One which is independent of bull or bear markets. When a utility token is properly designed, market conditions will be mostly irrelevant if you are constantly onboarding new users onto your platform.

At MarketingCrypto.io, our #1 goal is always landing our clients a return on their investment. This is accomplished through a rich history dating back 12+ years of data analysis with large clients like fortune 500 organizations. As a Google Premier Partner, we’re one of the few crypto marketing agencies that are a recognized partner. However, we’ve taken it a step further and met further criteria to be listed as a Premier Partner.

This is mentioned because we’re the perfect match for serious projects. We go the extra mile and often think outside of the box to hit our clients KPIs. When we launch a utility token marketing campaign, granular tracking will tell us everything we need to know about the campaign. Let’s take a look at some of the utility token marketing methods we utilize and how it may be advantageous for your project.

Utility Token Marketing for Fast Results = Paid Advertising

We’re not talking any paid advertising, but if your utility token marketing goals is instant results – we have you covered. Our paid advertising strategists have been known to think outside the box to assist you with onboarding new clientele. This is why traditional fortune 500s trust us with their budgets. Attacking strategies from new angles allows our clients to gain a competitive edge and allows you to get fast results.

All paid advertising campaigns for utility token marketing are not created equal. Account structure is a vital component to setting up the campaign. Creating the campaign the proper way takes a great deal of time and as you know, many agencies are all about their profitability. For this reason, your setup might get “skimped”.

How does this impact you? Well, you’ll ultimately have a poorer quality score which will equate to an artificially inflated cost per click. No matter how laser targeted the campaign is, it won’t perform as well compared to an agency who takes the time to put it together with longevity in mind.

Just like account setup, some may employ the set it and forget it approach to allow project managers to work more accounts for profitability sake. Our managers are constantly in the account monitoring for negative keyword opportunities, A/B testing, creating new ad groups, and more.  Again, we mention this because all paid advertising campaigns are not created equal. 

You may think because our crypto paid ads agency we’re a Premier Google Partner, Google is the only paid advertising we do. We’ve consulted with Tier A projects about utility token advertising YouTube ads, Bing, Display Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. After a discovery call, we’ll brainstorm some initial thoughts and nail down your customer persona.

Utility Token Marketing – SEO for Sustainability

While paid marketing is fuel for you customer acquisition machine, once you stop paying for it – that faucet shuts off. This is why utility token SEO is the best approach for sustainability. SEO for utility projects is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Utilizing paid ads while SEO picks up steam is a tried and true strategy that works flawlessly.

The downside to SEO is that non-blockchain projects have had a massive head start to rank well. If you created an industry, you can rank relatively quickly. On average for established industries, easy keywords can take 3-4 months while more competitive keywords can take 6+ months.

In a way, this is a positive because you wouldn’t want a newcomer to come out of no where and outrank your project after spending months or years doing SEO! Quality of work is key.  Google rewards websites which provide value to its users. This is typically done via content product. Lets say your utility project solves a problem, but you only explain how it solves that problem in 50 words. Then let’s say another competitor takes the time to create 30 pages, each with 750 words describing in great detail how they solve that problem. In Google’s eyes, the project that is giving value to its users is the one it will prefer. That is just one factor.

The other factor will be in the off-page signals. This is known as backlinks and the value of each backlink varies widely. While some can actually get your utility token project’s website penalized, others can do wonders. Generally, the tougher it is to obtain a backlink the more rewarding it will be. Even better if it is from a relevant source. Our crypto SEO agency handles everything for you from blogging, content production for 3rd party websites, securing highly valuable backlinks, and building foundational backlinks.

Bonus: Other Areas You Can Improve

Select clients who choose are more comprehensive packages will get conversion rate optimization included in their campaign. This is the art and science of making modifications to the website to encourage visitors to take an action.

For instance, if your goal is to get users to exit your website go to TraderJoe, we can track that and re-work elements of the design and use heatmaps and A/B testing to see the impact of recommended changes. This is a constant on-going type of work where we try to squeeze out the maximum value of your traffic. Quite often, your utility token marketing agency campaigns will drive traffic but if you could more efficiently gain conversions without spending more money it’d be a huge win!

Sometimes we’re asked, why not just include conversion rate optimization in all campaigns? It takes a great deal of planning from multiple departments and without ample data it isn’t an efficient use of time. Our goal is to always use our time in the best ways possible. Looking at projects as if they were our own is something we’re known for in the industry. Give us a shout if you’re interested in learning more about a utility token marketing strategy tailored to your project.

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