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If you’re looking for a metaverse marketing agency, you likely are an early adopter. With the relatively recent announcement that Facebook changed its name to Meta, it is safe to say they are investing heavily into the Metaverse. The Metaverse is going no where. Even companies like McDonalds are submitting patents for the Metaverse.

So you might be wondering, what can a metaverse marketing agency do for my brand? The answer is, a lot! There are several different angles you can attack to have eyeballs on your brand in the metaverse. Crypto marketing agencies like have the expertise to get your brand visible in the metaverse in the most efficient ways.

Advertising Your Brand on a Metaverse Billboard

Wondering how in the world you can advertise your brand on a metaverse billboard? Many are just curious, what are the costs associated with it? There are going to be some areas within the Metaverse which are extremely popular and busy, and other areas which are not that popular. Just like in the United States, a billboard in NY, NY will be far more costly then in the middle of Wisconsin. The same economics apply in the metaverse.

In the metaverse, the more popular areas will be around popular areas of land like Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, etc. Still not convinced? Major brands like Adidas and Samsung have already purchased land. That should tell you something. So if you really want visibility inside the universe you can consider renting space on a billboard.

If you’re interested in potentially advertising your brand on a metaverse billboard, schedule a call to the right to receive a free consultation from a top metaverse marketing agency.

How to Open a Franchise Store in the Metaverse

If you have a franchise, and wondering, “how to open a franchise store in the metaverse” – this section is for you. The first step is to research where you will buy your land and in which metaverse. Keep in mind, in the future – interoperability is critical and most metaverses will likely be interoperable. However, our team can do a discovery call to identify which initial metaverse would be best suited for your brand or franchise store.

After a metaverse is decided upon, you can then purchase your land. The bigger your store, the more land you will need. If you want more visibility you can purchase multiple plots of land and build multiple locations. This will help your brand have more visibility as different users in different locations will be able to see you.

How to Create Products Inside the Metaverse

Just like you can advertise on billboards in the metaverse, open franchise locations or stores, you can also create products inside the metaverse. So if you have a gadget or a product that you want to sell, you can do that too! For instance, you can make a chocolate bunny if you wanted and put a price tag on it and sell it in the metaverse.

The opportunities are limitless depending on your brand and the products your brand has.

SEO – Metaverse Marketing Agency

A metaverse marketing agency, specializing in SEO can help your metaverse company gain visibility on the major search engines. For instance, if you have a company that designs products for brands, a metaverse consulting agency, or any other company seeking SEO; we can assist you.

Marketing Crypto specializes and positions itself as one of the top crypto SEO agencies in the space. With over 12+ years of traditional SEO experience combined with 4 years of passionate crypto experience, we’re one of the top choices that VCs trust with their projects. It can take 3-6+ months depending upon how competitive the keyword is, so doing some form of Paid Ads with SEO is usually the best strategy. Crypto SEO for metaverses pays off because unlike paid ads, once your credit card runs out, you still show up!

In short, if a company is searching for a metaverse consulting agency on Google, you’d want to show up! Now is the perfect time to start optimizing your website, building backlinks, and utilizing assets to their maximum potential so you can get a head start. It is our opinion that we’re still “early” with the metaverse. Soon, it will be where everyone wants a piece of it so starting the race early will give companies a serious competitive advantage.

Paid Ads – Metaverse PPC Marketing Agency

Just like with SEO, metaverse paid ads is a wonderful strategy to employ. With a metaverse PPC marketing agency, you can expect your services to be at the top of Google instantly. As soon as you put in your credit card, boom. Your ads can get approved. This is what makes paid ads a go-to strategy for a top metaverse marketing agency.

However, we’ve encountered several projects that get their ads shutdown by Google. Our close partnerships with our agency reps means we can attempt to get your account unbanned and only charge when we’re successful. Our team also assists you with managing your ads and scanning your website to ensure your ads don’t get shut down again.

Ads on Google are the lifeblood of many businesses and if you want to be the go-to player in your industry it is important to have a near omni-presence whenever someone searches a keyword relating to your business.

Receive a Free Discovery Call from Experts

All you have to do is select a time to the right that works well for you and we’ll hop on a call with you. Our goal is to provide you with extensive value so you can make an informed decision if advertising within the metaverse is an advantageous initiative for your brand.

You’ll be glad to know that we operate on month to month agreements and never lock our clients into contracts. We’re data-driven and measure everything we do with precision. This helps you understand exactly what is happening at all steps. The entire goal is long-term sustainable growth with We’ve seen countless projects hire influencers and were very disappointed with the results.

There is no need to roll the dice anymore. Trust as your metaverse marketing agency.

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