Crypto Marketing in a Bear Market – Utilizing Funds Wisely

crypto marketing in a bear marketCrypto marketing in a bear market needs to be done with foresight in mind. While bitcoin halving historically resumes the bull market, you can do several things to prepare and market now. For those who did the right types of marketing back in 2018, they are still seeing the fruits of their labor. How can this be?

First, you must understand the main differentiating factors between traditional digital marketing and crypto marketing. As you may well know, most crypto marketing consists of hiring several influencers to blast out a couple tweets as well as some Youtubers. We’ve seen more charts then we’d like to admit which shows just this, a huge pump and….. a huge dump. Even more worrying is the SEC looking at these activities as pump and dumps. So there are quite a few cons with this approach. Real crypto and blockchain companies typically do real digital marketing.

With traditional digital marketing services like search engine optimization (SEO) are often utilized. It is vitally important to build a comprehensive SEO strategy because you can rank well for months and even years when done properly. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

The downside is that there are several moving pieces and each must be done properly to see success. However, imagine onboarding new users onto your platform without spending a penny on paid ads. Doesn’t that sound good?¬†With a crypto SEO agency like, we build those comprehensive crypto SEO strategies and even consult on ways you can add further value to your users.

Crypto Marketing in a Bear Market – Crypto Paid Ads to the Rescue

Crypto marketing in a bear market with paid ads can be used with a laser-focus. In other words, choose the most efficient form of user acquisition. Our crypto paid ads team can cherry pick high performing keywords that yield the lowest customer / user acquisition cost possible. Whether a bull market or bear market, if your project has utility or is a service to companies, you can rest assured that they are still needed and often even searched for.

A fantastic example is a paid ads client we have that does smart contract auditing. Whether we’re talking about crypto marketing in a bear market or bull market, auditing smart contracts is still needed and they are still onboarding new customers despite the current market conditions.

There is zero waiting for results. Campaigns can be tweaked instantly in the event they must be paused or even ramped up to secure more business. Most businesses have fixed overhead, so not having staff actively doing work is a pure loss.

Halting Crypto Marketing Influencer Campaigns

Influencers during a bear market aren’t the best idea because a majority of users know the bottom could be lower and while some take advantage and DCA into a project, many will not. They have a majority of their tokens in stablecoins or they are hodlers with full conviction in a certain project.

Finding new capital to invest in a token might just make your chart end up looking like a pump and dump. We’ve seen it time and time again. Take a look at this project who requested our assistance to “help rescue” the token. When tokens have utility, onboarding new users can make the chart look wonderful and sustain growth for a long-time.

Even during a bear market, utilizing an influencer post-launch can still make a chart look pretty bad and worry investors as it appears like VCs dumped the token so it hurts the trust of the community and brings morale to all-time lows.

Utilizing Existing Assets to Assist your Growth

Many projects are unaware of all the assets they have that can be better utilized. For instance, several projects that we consult with have recorded AMAs – these can be used to build links on Podcast websites which increase the domain authority of your project. With a proper SEO strategy, website architecture, and content strategy, this can help you rank for specific keywords that would bring new eyeballs to your project.

This is just one aspect, when we consult with projects we find there are often 5-6 different assets that are simply not being utilized. Our team becomes an extension of your team and does all the heavy lifting as to not increase the workload of anyone on your team.

Doing these activities during a bear market will help you establish good rankings online which can feed token utility. If you have launched a memecoin, our team is not the best partner for such projects. Any projects that have fantastic utility can really set the foundation for growth and continue to grow despite market conditions.

You can book a free consultation with us by clicking on the top right of our website. There are several offers we can present to you after learning more about your goals depending on our engagement level, your desired results, and competitiveness of your industry.

crypto marketing in a bear market


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