P2E Crypto Game Marketing – Easily Boost Gamer Count

P2E crypto game marketing is more competitive than ever. There are some incredible projects that have been building for several years and about to conclude their development. Unlike traditional gaming, there are no triple AAA studios in crypto. The opportunity is ripe for the taking.

However, with several startup projects, this equates to a competitive landscape for those trying to dominate for keywords related to p2e games, online crypto games, new rpg games, etc. Of course, the keywords that are ideal for your project will be specific to the type of genre of your game.

Crypto Game Marketing vs Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has its purpose. However, we cannot stress how often we hear of the pump and dump like action the influencer marketing campaign caused. If your tokenomics are integrated into your game, allowing the utility of your token by constantly attracting new visitors is the preferred way most long-term projects wish to go.

That’s not to say influencer marketing is not good. It is great for getting your token noticed but aside from quick wallet growth metrics, many will sell the tokens for profit. We’ve heard from project founders who feel defeated that they cannot win. However, having a strong long-term plan is critical to long-term price appreciation if more users = more token utility. We’ll take a look at search volume on our next section so you can see the great volume of searches done on a monthly basis.

Crypto Game Marketing Search Volume

p2e crypto game marketing search volumeThe number of searches for online games and variations are the greatest out of any niche within crypto. Millions upon millions of searches are done every month looking for games. There are nearly over 740k million search queries each month totaling over 11 million searches! This data is courtesy of SEMrush.com.

Of course, these are general keywords not defining the type of games these users are searching for. Our strategy is always laser focused on the intent of the user so we’d be looking to target search volume based on the actual genre of your video game. This will equate to a better conversion rate once users are attracted to your website.

After identifying the proper search queries, depending upon which package you choose, we’ll help consult with you and assist with conversion rate optimization. This essentially refines your mouse trap to make sure the  maximum amount of users who make it to your website will take the desired action you wish them to take.

P2e Crypto Game Marketing Different Genres

Part of a successful digital marketing strategy for p2e crypto game marketing is understanding the persona of your ideal user. For instance, ranking for new game online may seem attractive however if you have an action game maybe only 3/10 people would actually be interested in playing the game.

On the contrary, if someone searched for new action game online, that would be an ideal user for your action game. While not as many people would search new action game online compared to new game online, it is about finding the right users who are likely to convert. Showing up in the organic section via crypto SEO is critical to sustainable long-term growth.

While the example above highlights an action game example, there are several other game genres which can be successfully marketed online. Below are a few examples of digital marketing for

  • action games
  • adventure games
  • arcade games
  • auto battler games
  • breeding games
  • card game games
  • city building games
  • collectible games
  • fighting games
  • metaverse games
  • open world games
  • racing games
  • rpg games
  • sci-fi games
  • simulation games
  • strategy games

Outside the Box Crypto Game Marketing Ideas

In addition to traditional crypto SEO, our team is highly experienced with crypto PPC marketing. This allows you to get instant visibility. Tracking is extremely granular so you are always privy to the effectiveness of the campaign. However, for projects who choose to utilize our SEO & PPC, our team will implement a proprietary outreach strategy. The details will be shared after month 3 of services as this innovative strategy is reserved for our loyal clients. If we were to publish this strategy, our competitors would quickly offer this reducing the effectiveness.

Just know, it is in our best interest to help your project grow. Even if your project has not launched yet, SEO can take 6+ months to start showing results. Sometimes it can take even longer depending upon how competitive your keywords are.

Why MarketingCrypto.io is the Go-To Crypto Game Marketing Agency

One major differentiating factor of MarketingCrypto.io is that we’re OK with turning down business if we do not believe our services will help you. Our reputation means everything to us and we’ll do everything in our power to maintain our squeaky clean reputation that we’ve meticulously built.

If you’ve come this far and considering to marketing your crypto game, you should definitely head over to our why us page. There is tons of information on what separates us from the other crypto marketing agencies out there. To our knowledge we’re the only crypto marketing agency specifically focused on SEO & PPC to enable sustainable growth.


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