Blockchain & Crypto Advertising Policies for Google Ads and YouTube Ads – Updated April 2022

Have you heard the latest blockchain & crypto advertising policies for Google Ads & Youtube Ads? Google allows advertising for certain cryptocurrency companies again after updating its financial products and services policy. The search giant banned crypto ads in 2018, but the new crypto advertising policies will now give the green light to advertise on Google for qualified blockchain & crypto companies. 

Google released the updated cryptocurrency advertising rules in June 2021. Companies offering crypto wallets and exchanges can advertise on Google if they meet specific requirements. Most other blockchain services that don’t involve tokens also can advertise on Google – including cryptocurrency accounting, law, and marketing companies. 

The advertising policy shift is a breath of fresh air for the crypto space! We’re really excited that Google is opening its eyes to the staggering potential of these new technologies to make our lives more efficient. 


Which Crypto Companies Can Currently Advertise on Google or YouTube?
As of March, 2022, these crypto entities CAN currently advertise:

    • NFT’s 
    • Crypto Tax and Legal Services
    • Cryptocurrency Marketing and Advertising Firms
    • Complex Speculative Financial Products
    • Businesses that Take Payment in Cryptocurrencies
    • Platforms That Use Blockchain for Their Operations and Don’t Sell Crypto Tokens
    • Crypto Mining Software
    • Security Services
    • Crypto Education Materials
    • Cryptocurrency Wallets*
    • Cryptocurrency Exchanges*

*Before advertising a crypto wallet or exchange, certain guidelines must be met.

Is your project located in the USA? First, it’s required for advertisers to register with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen). 

Is your project located in Canada? Canadian advertisers must be registered with FINTRAC (CANAFE). The entity must be categorized as a money services organization with one state serving as a money transmitter. Or, it must use a bank entity with a federal or state charter. 

Located in another country? Scroll down for our in-depth analysis of constantly changing crypto advertising policies. As a top crypto PPC agency & Google Premier Partner, you can trust for the latest information 

Second, the advertiser must be certified by Google and authorized to place allowed crypto ads. 


Which Crypto Companies Still Can’t Currently Advertise on Google or YouTube?

As per usual, Google wants to protect itself from questionable topics that are not substantiated. 

As of March, 2022, these crypto entities CAN NOT currently advertise:

  • Decentralized Finance Trading Protocols
  • ICO Presales (Initial Coin Offerings)
  • IDO Presales (Initial DAO Offerings)
  • Crypto Loans
  • Token Liquidity Pools
  • Unregulated DApps
  • Unhosted Wallets 
  • Celebrity Cryptocurrency Endorsements
  • Crypto Investing Advice
  • Crypto Trading Signals
  • Aggregator Sites That Feature Related Crypto Content or Broker Reviews

Although things may soon change, decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols are not allowed to advertise on Google. DeFi protocols have soared in popularity in the crypto space. However, the sector is lightly regulated right now, and there are too many scams. We predict that in the next few years Google and other search engines will welcome advertising of the immense demand of DeFi protocols.


How Will Google’s New Crypto Advertising Policies Affect Crypto Markets? 

Some authorities say by allowing certain crypto ads again, Google will encourage growth in the industry. Ilija Rolovic, CMO of leading blockchain ecosystem Enjin, says, “Now is the right time for Google to open the doors to these kinds of innovations because they will be a core piece of the digital marketing stack of the future”. 

Other industry insiders say Google’s move seems to align with a growing trend of more firms adopting and accepting major cryptocurrency offerings.

For example, thousands of companies now accept Bitcoin that didn’t just two years ago? With so much potential in the crypto space, organizations need to adapt to the increased demand in more efficient processes and technologies. If not, they will most likely be left in the dust.


Summary of Google Financial Products And Services Policy For 2022 and Beyond

In August 2021, Google updated its financial products and services policy to provide clarity and specific requirements to authorize ads for certain crypto-related services and companies. 

Crypto is a complex and evolving market, so Google only allows ads in certain situations. If you want to bypass these requirements you can consider hiring a crypto SEO agency which can optimize and rank your website granting you visibility without paying for ads. 

Starting August 3, 2021, marketers promoting crypto wallets and exchanges in the US are allowed to advertise specific crypto products and services when they adhere to the following requirements. In addition, the entity must also be certified by Google. 

For Google certification in the United States, the advertiser must be: 

  • Registered with FinCEN as a Money Services Business, and with a minimum of one US state as a money transmitter, or a state or federally chartered bank entity. 
  • Comply with all legal requirements, such as local legal requirements at the state or federal level. 
  • Ensure their advertisements and landing pages fully comply with Google Ads policies. 

See other country-specific crypto advertising rules later in this article. 


Google Legal Requirements

Google also expects all cryptocurrency advertisers to comply with any local laws in the region their ads target, in addition to the crypto policies highlighted here. However, Google notes that it errs on the side of caution with its legal policy. It does not want to allow questionable legal advertisements and related content. 

To check the legal requirements for a country you’re advertising, visit Google’s Legal Requirements page and select your target country from the dropdown menu. 


Google Requirements For Crypto Advertiser Certification Outside The US

As noted earlier, cryptocurrency advertisers must be registered with and approved by Google. In addition to being certified, the company must meet various local licensing requirements.
Google has specific rules for crypto companies that want to target the following countries: 


Google allows advertisements promoting crypto ads targeting Canada if the company has been registered with FINTRAC (CANAFE) as a money services company. It also must be registered with the correct provincial securities company as a marketplace or investment dealer.
The advertiser also must be certified with Google. 


Google authorizes ads marketing cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges targeting Israel if the company is licensed by CMISA as a Financial Services Provider, or is licensed by the Bank Of Israel as a banking company.
The advertiser also must be certified with Google. 


Google allows advertisements promoting crypto exchanges in Japan if the company is registered as a cryptocurrency asset exchange service provider with the Financial Services Agency of Japan.
The advertiser also must be certified with Google. For additional country-specific rules on crypto ads, regularly check back with the Google Advertising Policies Help section. This space constantly evolves, and we can expect other cryptocurrency guidelines in the future.


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