Security Token Marketing Agency – 1 Underutilized Strategy to Attract the Right Investors

security token marketing agencyA security token marketing agency will have the experience to properly place your security token in front of the defined persona of your target audience. Giving general advice is something we do not do.

Depending on which type of asset is being tokenized will determine the best advertising medium. There is no one-size-fits-all approach as it relates to the mediums which should be chosen for any given project. There are several clever ways we accomplish this at

We’ll go through some STO marketing strategies later on in this informative blog post which will share important information if you’re on the hunt for the best security token offering marketing agency.

Note: is a crypto marketing agency and we do not offer any sale of any security token.

The Best Security Token Marketing Agency – Why Us?

Fortunately, as a security token marketing agency, we’ve been mastering digital marketing since 2010 and have combined our passion for crypto to form an incredible traditional crypto marketing agency. From working with Fortune 500s to top real estate brokerages, our background gives us the knowledge to bring security token offering marketing- aka STO marketing to another level.

This is an important distinction because many crypto & security token marketing agencies have popped up just to follow the money. We’ve been passionately involved in the crypto space since 2017. We’ve also formed partnerships with some of the largest groups in crypto who have vetted our knowledge and found we are the top experts in the industry. is partnered with Faculty Group as their trusted partner to handle all things as it relates to digital marketing (SEO & PPC) online for their select projects.

Security Token Offering Marketing – Choosing Strategies

There are a few mediums proven to be effective with regards to security token offering marketing strategies. We’ll take a brief look at each approach. Depending upon which sort of asset is being tokenized, will determine which medium is a better fit.

Our team always holds discovery calls to identify who your target persona is and do in-depth research to see where they are likely to be and how we can get in front of them in the most cost-efficient manner. SEO for security token projects is a fantastic way to build long-term sustainability as once you rank on Page One you do not have to constantly pay for exposure to your security token or project.

Another critical factor is where exactly in the life cycle of the project are you? Are you in the concept stage? About to launch? Post-launch? Each stage will inherently have different challenges as well as goals. Therefore while our pricing is simplified, our strategies are dynamic.

After a discovery call and proper information is gathered we start to compile strategies.

An Uncommon Security Token Marketing Agency Strategy

The underutilized strategy is SEO for security tokens. SEO has proven to be the holy grail in traditional business and likely will be the same with the crypto industry. This is because once you are ranked well, there are absolutely zero¬†customer acquisition costs. The good comes with the bad, you must invest money while “climbing up the ranks”. During this time, there is absolutely no activity. However, our team closely monitors your ranks to show you improvement.

Imagine you have an amazing platform that tokenizes real estate. After some keyword research, we identify there are hundreds of people searching each month for tokenized real estate. Maybe they wish to tokenize their commercial real estate. What is a potential deal like that worth (of course depends on the building, location, size, etc)? Probably more than you’d pay a year in SEO.

The point is that you’d have favorable positioning on one of the most popular search engines in the world where everyone goes to solve problems they are having. You likely use Google in your everyday life because you know it typically provides you with accurate results based on what you’re looking for. So how is that accomplished? Two main ways.

Security Token Marketing Agency & SEO – What are the Factors?

SEO for security token marketing comprises two different factors that are primary. There are other factors that are important like social signals but we’re covering the items which have the largest impact. SEO for security token marketing is done cost-effectively by our team. Only performing tasks that are proven to move the needle and not waste your budget.

The first is on-page SEO. Which is optimizing the content on your actual website. It is much more than tweaking a few tags. There are well over 20 important and critical factors. Additionally, like art there is some subjectivity. Inner links are important. So designing an inner link plan is critical to route the maximum amount of benefit to the proper pages.

Outbound authority links are important as well. These are two small things that are important and when you do 20 things perfectly that all have a small impact, the cumulative effect is often quite large. However, on-page SEO isn’t the ticket to Page One rankings, especially in competitive industries. This brings us to our next point which is the other important factor.

The second factor is off-page SEO. Getting relevant backlinks is of critical importance. There is a different mix of technical backlinks you want to get such as some being no-follow and some being do-follow. You’ll also want contextual links on pieces of content that are 1,000+ words in length. This shows Google that a writer who knows an extensive amount about a topic has decided to include your website.

However, if an untrained or incompetent security token marketing agency does your backlinks you can get your website blacklisted. This is when your anchor text ratio has a spammy footprint and the Google algorithm update which penalized this behavior is known as Google Penguin.

How to Get Started with your Security Token Marketing Campaign

Getting started is easy. Simply give us a call, fill out one of our forms, or shoot us an email. We’ll set up a time where we can have our discovery call to learn more about your project, your goals, your challenges, and how we can potentially help you.

If we’re not a good fit, we’ll tell you. Our goal is to only provide value to our clients and do not simply take on every project that reaches out to us. We’re selective because we’re here to deliver quality work which has a strong impact on the growth of projects who choose to engage with us as their security token marketing agency.

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