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Twitter crypto marketing for blockchain projects is one of the best and most efficient ways to advertise your crypto or blockchain company. This is mainly because Twitter has a lot less restrictions compared to Google and Bing Ads

There have been over 1 billion tweets about cryptocurrency since 2020 and that number is growing rapidly. Twitter communications manager Lara Baez tells us that between 2020 and 2021, the number of crypto-related tweets surged 600%! Further, a study ordered by Twitter found that 85% of consumers who are passionate about crypto use the social media platform. 

While many crypto ads were banned on the Twitter platform in 2018, that policy has largely been reversed. This makes Twitter crypto marketing an advertising channel to strongly consider. 

There’s no doubt that Twitter is an efficient advertising medium and is yielding an average of a 4x-7x return on ad spend for our crypto clients. Also, Twitter is well aware there are massive numbers of crypto discussions on its platform and is very beneficial for organic growth. 

Experience shows that Twitter is one of the most critical social media channels for growing your brand and advertising presence in the crypto space. Our marketing team finds the 280 character maximum on Twitter helps blockchain companies and influencers to make the most impactful marketing announcements. Twitter followers are also very active and posts are shared frequently so it is one of the easiest ways to go viral in our community.

Twitter stakeholders understand the immense opportunity to capitalize in the crypto advertising space. That’s why Twitter updated its advertising policies to allow for several popular crypto and blockchain companies to advertise on the platform. 

More reasons we at think you should build your presence on Twitter: 

  • Huge exposure: Twitter is public, free and global so anyone can make a Twitter account. Once you have established your presence, it’s simple to communicate with like-minded people in the industry. If you want to chat with crypto maxies, Twitter is the place to do it. 
  • Multi-channel marketing: It’s super fast and simple to cross-market your Twitter ad and exposure efforts on Facebook, Telegram, Reddit and more! 
  • Posts frequently go viral: Viral content moves around Twitter in mere minutes. One tweet might reach millions of crypto enthusiasts in less than 60 minutes! 

Clearly, crypto ads in Twitter are worth it, so learn more below how to leverage your marketing buys with a free, no-obligation quote from 

Current Twitter Crypto Marketing & Advertising Restrictions As of May, 2022

The policies vary substantially depending on where your crypto company is registered and which countries you are advertising in. Here is a link to the current Twitter advertising policies relating to financing services. Here in the United States, the promotion of cryptocurrency products or services is only allowed with prior authorization from Twitter but we have noticed that we can typically get most of our interested clients approved.

If you intend to advertise a US based cryptocurrency wallet or exchange on Twitter, your entity must be registered with one or more of the following: 

At, we watch this advertising space closely and as the crypto space becomes more mainstream, we anticipate looser advertising restrictions in the near future. To learn more about our Crypto paid ads management on other platforms, click the link to the left. Some vendors say it can be challenging sometimes to get crypto ads approved on the platform. Not being aware of the registration requirements is a big reason but there are several loopholes that you can explore. 

Successful Crypto Advertising Strategies on Twitter

One of the most efficient strategies to advertise your crypto or blockchain company is to identify your direct competitors in the crypto space and piggyback off of their community. For example, if you have a gamefi or play to earn crypto based company, targeting hashtags and cashtags such as #Axie and $Axie. 

Organic Crypto Twitter Advertising Strategy & Growth Methods

twitter crypto advertisingFollowing users who follow similar crypto brands or influencers can be an effective strategy to grow your audience on Twitter. There are limitations on the number of accounts you can follow each day. According to this Twitter help article you can follow up to 400 accounts per day and verified Twitter accounts can follow up to 1,000 accounts per day. 

Each Twitter account can follow up to 5000 accounts unless you have a certain amount of people following your account. This may be an effective way to obtain crypto followers if you do it right. It will bring a nice, steady number of followers over weeks or months. This can be time consuming so advertising may be a better solution.

Remember, you won’t drive much growth and brand awareness by following a dozen new profiles daily. It could take you hours daily to perform research and follow at least 100 relevant profiles that are related to cryptocurrency. That can add up to dozens of hours per month and most of us don’t have time. 

Remember To Optimize Your Twitter Biography 

The most important thing to consider before advertising your crypto or NFT company on Twitter is to have a quality bio that represents your brand. This is the first impression users get about your company and better bios yield better conversion rates and ROI. Your Twitter bio should be concise and high-impact. 

Make sure it is easy to read and treat the bio as an ad for your company. Do not include too many hashtags or vague phrases that take away from the 160 character limit. We recommend choosing 1 or 2 hashtags that are trending in your space to add in your bio for users to easily find you.

Make Sure To Have a Good Foundation of Posts Before Doing Crypto Advertising on Twitter

It is important to have an established page with at least 20-50 posts before running Twitter Ads for your Twitter crypto marketing campaign. You don’t want to look like a brand new company with very minimal content since that is one of the first impressions people get when visiting your page. Make sure your content represents your brand and is aesthetically pleasing so people are enticed to not only follow you, but also turn on notifications. 

Don’t Try to Fake It With Twitter Crypto Marketing! 

Some crypto advertisers are tempted to buy Twitter followers to increase their social proof. But at, we say – don’t! There are simply loads of scammy-looking Twitter profiles and boosting your followers artificially can easily backfire. 

A Twitter profile may look popular with hundreds of thousands of followers but it’s simple to figure out if an account has real followers. Your brand can be instantly discredited by legitimate potential investors the moment they see fake accounts.

Our twitter crypto marketing team also performed research last month that revealed many companies on Twitter still try to pretend they’re more popular than they are. Remember, when working in the crypto space, it’s key to improve how much your audience trusts you. That process only happens organically and authentically. Speaking of organic, our team also executes flawless crypto SEO marketing campaigns as well. 

The Importance of Proper CTA’s for Twitter Ads

Call to actions are essential in any advertising medium. Instead of just promoting a generic tweet, give people a reason to follow you or click to your website. A crypto giveaway or airdrop can be a powerful way to generate a lot of reach or followers on Twitter but we don’t recommend this as your only growth strategy. We believe in the mindset of quality over quantity and giving away free airdrops in exchange for followers usually attracts bottom feeders who are not likely to invest. Alternatively, enticing people to join an exclusive whitelist or discord community can be a much more effective strategy to grow your crypto or blockchain company.

Rely On To Build Your Presence On Twitter

We are the experts in the space and we believe in laser focused targeting and out of the box thinking. Our Twitter crypto marketing team can construct your Twitter crypto advertising campaigns extremely meticulously by handling the entire process. This includes everything from meticulous competitor research to writing engaging ads that convert. Our Twitter crypto marketing experts closely follow Twitter regulations and loopholes so we can usually get ads approved fast with maximum impact. 

Schedule your free consultation with our Twitter crypto marketing & advertising specialists at today! Learn how Twitter advertising for crypto companies can bring new exposure to your project cost efficiently to help you scale faster.

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