Stablecoin Marketing Agency – 3 Proven Methods to Accelerate Adoption

A stablecoin marketing agency must have the experience and knowledge to understand the various type of stablecoins. As a leading cryptocurrency marketing agency that is trusted by several leading projects, this understanding is critical to properly market your stablecoin.

In this blog post, we’ll review 3 proven methods to accelerate adoption of your stablecoin. Just on 6/16/2022 Circle officially launched the Eurocoin (AKA $EUROC). This showcases the fast innovation coming as private stablecoins begin to take market share in large markets. While over 80% of central banks are looking into CBDCs  according to accounting firm PwC, private companies are also trying to launch their own private versions.

There are several subtypes of stablecoins and each one may have their own challenges at gaining adoption. In some instances, your marketing will need to overcome the past failures of other stablecoins whereas with other CBDC stablecoin marketing, your challenges might be gaining public support if you are a government entity.

Types of Stablecoins

There are various types of stablecoins that can be and have been created. There are 4 primary sub-categories of stablecoins. The type of stablecoin marketing strategy will be directly dependent on the type of stablecoin you intend to create or have created.

1. Fiat backed stablecoins

When most people hear about stablecoins, this is what they envision. A stablecoin that is backed by a reserve currency such as US Dollar (USD) or another major currency such as the Euro (EUR). The price of the stablecoin should always be equal to that of the base FIAT it is pegged to.

2. Commodity-backed stablecoins

With a commodity backed stable coin, it will contain some similarities to that of fiat stablecoins. However, instead of being backed 100% by fiat such as the USD or EUR it can be backed by any commodity that the stablecoin issuer chose. To give some examples, this can be real estate, a kilogram of eggs, corn, gold, silver, platinum, etc.

3Cryptocurrency-backed stablecoins

Cryptocurrency-backed stablecoins are far more volatile when compared to fiat stablecoins. This is because volatile crypto is typically used in the reserve fund to back the stablecoin. In this instance, imagine bitcoin was used in the reserve. Bitcoin has lost around 70% of its value from its all-time high at the time of writing this post.

4. Non-collateralised stablecoins / Algorithmic stablecoins

Algorithimic stablecoins utilize smart contracts which attempt to execute logic in order to maintain a specific price. However, in the past there have been some controversial outcomes as we speak about in more detail below.

Algorithmic Stablecoin Marketing

Of course, then you have Defi companies who have created algorithmic stable coins such as Terra Luna which ended horribly causing holders of their stablecoin to lose everything. The cost of getting it wrong? Over $40 billion dollars between Luna & UST. Algorithmic stablecoin marketing is only to be used on projects who have looked at the failures of Luna & UST and strongly believed they have solved to core issues.

Another project currently with an algorihmic stablecoin is Tron with the USDD. However, with turbulent marketing conditions in summer of 2022, USDD lost its Peg for over 24 hours as shown by this article.

Algorithmic stablecoin marketing must eliminate the fear that many will inherently have. However, the actual methods of sharing this information will be the same as the other stablecoins.

CBDC Stablecoin Marketing

If you’re a government entity looking to gain public support with your CBDC, that is a different challenge. Our team has the experience within the crypto industry as well as non-crypto industry to highlight the benefits in an easy to understand manner.

The actual marketing methods to get the word out are similar to other forms of stablecoin but again, its all about framing the message different according to the personas you wish to market to.

For instant, many consumers are worried about privacy with regards to CBDC stablecoins. Marketing should address these fears in a logical way until they are no longer concerns by the general public.

Stablecoin Marketing Method #1 – Paid Ads

stablecoin marketing searchesPaid ads for stablecoin marketing can instantly allow your brand to gain marketshare and visibility in a competitive space. Another benefit that most projects hope to accomplish with stablecoin marketing is improving brand visibility and brand recognition. When adoption is critical, these metrics simply matter.

While the data on the left showcases searches done on Google,  more marketshare is available to users on Bing, Twitter, and other Display / Native advertising networks.

The types of paid ad strategy will be dependent upon your budget and how aggressively you want to share the word about your stablecoin. You can utilize laser-targeted strategies, an  example can be – if you feel you designed a better stablecoin then USDC, you can target USDC stablecoin on Google. Whenever someone searches for that specific stablecoin, your ad would appear.

Alternatively, if you just want maximum exposure, we can setup a campaign where anytime the word stablecoin is used, your ad would appear. We can also apply something called negative keywords where your ads would specifically NOT show if any word was used. So if someone typed free stablecoin and we used free as a negative keyword, your ad would never show. Something else important to note is that you’ll only pay when people actually click on your ad, that is the beauty of Google Ads, search campaigns. You can learn more about this method on our crypto PPC page.

Stablecoin Marketing Method #2 – Press Releases

When you innovate in the space or launch a new product, you need to let the world know. has direct relationships with some of the largest industry journals as well as contacts at Forbes, Huffington Post, and other traditional media outlets. This equates to a larger reach then most crypto-focused marketing agencies. Our crypto marketing agency is all about utilizing your dollars as effectively as possible. With no long-term agreements, it is in our best interest to always showcase you the best results. This is done by meticulous tracking so we’ll always track the KPIs that are most important to you.

Our strategists will also hold a discovery call to help formulate a PR strategy based upon your goals as well as the type of stablecoin you are launching or have launched.

Stablecoin Marketing Method #3 – SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Lastly, stablecoin marketing with search engine optimization is an amazing long-term play. With stablecoin SEO (search engine optimization), you work to increase the ranking of your website on Google so you never have to end up paying for clicks once your website achieves a page one ranking.

Many call it the gift that keeps on giving. It is very competitive, difficult, and time-consuming but the reward is thousands upon thousands of free visitors. There are several factors that our crypto SEO agency will handle on your behalf. Website architecture, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, backlink building, blogging, content production, etc; are all vital components to any sound SEO strategy for stablecoins.

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