IDO Token Marketing – 2 Ways to Increase Investor Reach

If you are seeking new ways of IDO token marketing, you’ve found a fantastic resource. We’ll be diving into 3 ways to increase investor reach when conducting an IDO. Token marketing is more competitive then ever. More and more projects are launching and market conditions certainly play a role into the marketing strategy that you can take. It is more important then ever during a bear market to utilize funds strategically.

Being a fast fish can save thousands of dollars which can be utilized for the most efficient advertising mediums. This is why tracking results is absolutely critical and something our team does extremely well. Let’s jump right into the 3 ways you can increase investor reach with IDO token marketing services.

IDO Token Marketing on Twitter

Twitter IDO token marketing can be an amazing avenue to advertise your IDO. Token marketing on Twitter can have layered audiences based on who they follow, hashtags / cashtags, and even interests. Creating unique investor personas is something our team helps our clients with once we are chosen to run a campaign. Having multiple personas and closely testing the results is how we’re able to ascertain the success of each campaign. A/B testing as well as multivariate testing ensures that we’re trying to have maximum efficiencies with our campaign.

You are also welcome to try your IDO token marketing on Twitter by yourself. However, the interface can be intimidating to some and we’ve heard stories of people spending money by not properly setting up the account. So if this is an avenue you want to take, we strongly recommend you take a beginner course to at least familiarize yourself with best practices.

Display Ads for IDO Token Marketing

Running display ads for your IDO token marketing can be an incredible way to broadcast your IDO to the masses. Our team is proud to say we’ve compiled one of the greatest display ad networks by building relationships manually with several publishers in the crypto space. These publishers include crypto news websites, DLT focused websites, defi focused websites, STO focused websites, and more! Finding a proper paid ads & PPC crypto agency is critical to a successful campaign.

Cherry picking on the most relevant websites to showcase your IDO token on is highly recommended. Just throwing some display ads on any crypto websites will not have the best results. You must work closely with your internal marketing team. Creating and utilizing the personas based on research is critical as it ensures you stretch your advertising dollars further.

Just like with Twitter, results are easily trackable with Display Ads. There is never any guessing if it is working or not.

Beware of Some IDO Token Marketing Influencers

Some projects believe that all they need to do is have some IDO token marketing influencers just blast their campaign out to their audience. However, tracking the influencers and ensuring you are getting a proper return on investment is not the easiest task.

Many projects have used influencers and their audience as exit liqudity. Therefore, the quality of the typical influencer postings have gone down in terms of tangible results. It is for this reason, we prefer not to utilize influencer marketing but rather real marketing solutions that are based on laser-targeting, user intention analysis, and creating the correct personas to target.

When doing IDO token marketing, influencers aren’t necessarily the only way to get eager eyeballs in front of your project. Having a holistic approach is important but our goal is to create a campaign that is actually scaleable. With influencers for IDO token marketing, you might realize that if one were to even provide good results, their audience is now fatigued to your offer. Unlike Paid Marketing or Twitter Marketing, you have a much larger reach.

Bonus Section: IDO Token Marketing SEO

If you want to eventually get some free clicks from people actively seeking out your company, SEO is the way to go. As a leading crypto SEO agency, we’ve helped P2E games, nft platforms, defi projects, entertainment projects, and even casino’s properly optimize their websites to appear on Google when their ideal user searches for their project.

SEO is comprised of two main factors. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. On-page SEO includes website architecture, website speed, freshness of content, the amount of content on pages, and how well these pages are optimized. If you nail these factors, then you have a solid foundation to do off-page SEO.

Off-page SEO is the art of getting backlinks from reputable, relevant, and trusted sources. You can no longer game the system. Some crypto SEO companies try to do this but end up getting their clients website filtered or penalized. This is because if you are sloppy with the anchor text ratios, you can get an algorithmic penalty or even if you build links on link farm type websites. Marketing Crypto only uses tactics that fall in line with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Wrapping it Up

If you know you need help with your IDO token marketing campaign, schedule a call with the founders of our company by checking our availability to the right. You can choose a time that is convenient for you. Our initial calls are no pressure and allow us to understand your goals, project, and to see if we’d be a good fit to work together. Due to high demand and our reputation, we do not work with just any client.

Our initial calls are packed with value so even if you decide to go in a different direction, you should gain immense value from speaking with owners of Marketing Crypto who have significant experience in both crypto and digital marketing. Trust Marketing Crypto for all of your IDO token marketing needs.



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