Crypto Mining Marketing & The Merge – 3 Proven Methods

Looking for actionable tips for crypto mining marketing? If you have a crypto mining company that produces hardware, runs a pool, or any other related niche within the crypto mining space; marketing is important. Even though Ethereum network successfully merged to Proof of Stake, the demand for crypto mining companies is still very high. There will always be enthusiasts and miners who wish to earn some additional income by putting their hardware to use.

This is why it is more important than ever if you are a mining company to have a laser targeted marketing strategy for your crypto mining company. There are several avenues you can take to get your products in front of the right person. This increases the likelihood of a purchase and makes the use of your ad dollars the most effective. That should always be the goal in marketing.

With the Ethereum merge, there will inherently be less demand for miners as one of the largest networks transitioned to proof of stake. However, this means as a crypto mining provider, you need to be very targeted with your crypto mining marketing approach.

Crypto Mining Marketing – Using Twitter for Targeting & Sponsored Posts

As a crypto twitter marketing agency, we’ve created some innovative strategies thinking outside of the box for several of our clients. This is accomplished mainly by layered targeting. Sometimes when we hold discovery meetings with clients, we’ll ask them about some personas they have for their ideal clients. Quite often, no personas even exist. If this is the case, how can you effectively market to your ideal buyers? Typically there are several personas so if you have none, you are missing the 8 ball.

Twitter is very powerful and allows you to target users based on who they follow, certain cashtags they search, keywords they search, topics they follow, and more. As you can imagine, once you start layering in these targeting segments you can get extremely granular with the messaging you are offering a specific group of people. Also a majority of the crypto crowd is on Twitter as this is where they get their alpha.

SEO for Crypto Mining Companies – Free Traffic

Not only does SEO provide free traffic but it also provides the highest quality traffic out of all the crypto mining marketing strategies. Unlike Twitter as mentioned above, when someone goes to Google they are seeking out a solution to their problem. With Twitter, you are trying to push your messaging upon a potential customer. It is always easier once the person not only identifies they need what you have but that also now is the time they want it. SEO is the holy grail of marketing in industries where there is search volume and this is one of them.

SEO can be broken down into two primary categories known as on-page SEO and off-page SEO. With on-page SEO things like website architecture, site speed, freshness of content, length of content, how well the content is optimized, etc; are all important factors. Then the off-page SEO consists of acquiring high quality backlinks to specific pages done carefully with certain anchor text ratios.

All SEO campaigns are not created equal. We’ve seen several companies charge excessive amounts of money for merely providing blog posts on a monthly basis. Marketing Crypto is a crypto SEO agency that works based off deliverables so you always know what you’re paying for. Everything is also tracked very closely so you always know how well it is working.

Google Paid Ads – Search & Display for Quick Wins

If you need a quick boost in sales because you are releasing a new product, Google Paid Ads can get you to page one rather quickly. This makes it the fastest form of crypto mining marketing. After a comprehensive campaign is built out to ensure you pay the lowest cost per click, your ads can be running. Even if you’ve faced a suspended crypto Google Ads account before, we can help get your ads running quickly.

Ensuring that your campaign has a high quality score will save you thousands upon thousands of dollars in the long-run. The higher your quality score, the less you pay per click. Most importantly is the fact that we can be extremely picky and choose long-tail keywords which have buying intent. For instance, if someone just searches crypto mining, you have no idea what they are really looking for. It is an informative search query. However, if they searches best crypto mining hardware to buy for bitcoin and you sell bitcoin miners, what could possibly be better? As you can see, this is an amazing form of marketing for any company that seeks a bitcoin miner marketing agency.

You can learn more about the crypto PPC services here.

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