Crypto Growth Hacking Solutions To Survive Crypto Winter

Crypto growth hacking solutions aim to attract as many investors or community members as possible while spending as little money on marketing and other services. Sean Ellis, the founder, and CEO of GrowthHackers created the term “growth hacking” in 2010.

As a result, crypto growth hacking has become the holy grail for crypto startups seeking exponential growth, as well as established ones seeking to expand. Although some strategies have failed, others have shown to be effective time and time again. Every cryptocurrency or blockchain project wants as much exposure and credibility as possible without wasting money.

Successful crypto projects are built on the pillars of community growth and marketing scalability. Crypto growth hacking is a catch-all term for growth-oriented techniques, commonly used in regard to early-stage projects that require rapid expansion on a small budget.

It is extremely easy to waste money on advertising and unnecessary marketing expenses. This is why if you are not familiar with growth hacking techniques, it is best to hire a professional. . To achieve mass adoption, crypto companies have to adjust their approach and start thinking outside of the box.  There are many others, but here are some unique growth hacking strategies that have been proven to be effective in taking your crypto project to the next level.

Crypto Growth Hacking Solution #1 – Paid Ads with Twitter Sponsored Ads 

Twitter Sponsored Ads blend in to look like regular Tweets and it is a great way to target low-hanging fruit for not a lot of ad spend. . One crypto growth hacking strategy that we have found to work well is to specifically target your competitor’s $Cashtags or #Hashtags.

Long-tail keywords with user intent are also highly effective ways to advertise your crypto or web3 business. Long-tail keywords are more specific than general phrases and usually consist of 3-6 words in the phrase. can help come up with a highly efficient crypto Twitter marketing strategy based on laser-focused search queries and piggybacking off relevant tweets in your space.

Based on their search queries, our analysts can narrow down your audience persona to detect what they want. So if they’re looking for a crypto project, we’ll be there to show them your ads and work with you to present your crypto project in the best light possible. We may target consumers based on their recent tweets and even tweets that they have engaged with, in addition to search queries. This method also works well with NFTs and other blockchain-related projects.

Crypto Growth Hacking Solution #2 – Social Media Promotions and Automation

You can also efficiently expand your crypto or web3  project by marketing it on major social media networks including Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, Telegram, and Discord. You’ll be able to get the contact information for the proper investors, scrape their details, and automate your messages to reach out to them at any moment. As a well-versed cryptocurrency marketing agency, we can help you target certain individuals with LinkedIn automation, for example, and use automation to give them relevant and engaging content. 

Instead of marketing your project like others that send 10 to 100 posts or messages to investors per day, growth hackers will use numerous accounts and the necessary tools to send thousands of copies and messages. LinkedIn, for example, is one of the best platforms for growing your crypto project because you can easily connect with real crypto investors and send them customized messages individually, ensuring a high open rate. 

Crypto Growth Hacking Solution #3 – SEO-Optimized Articles Spread Across Multiple Websites

Another hack you can use to expand your cryptocurrency business as quickly as possible is to write properly SEO-optimized content that people enjoy reading. This is a method of writing fully optimized articles to target certain audiences who would be interested in your project.  The more engaging your content is, the more users are willing to share that content, and the search engines reward it with higher rankings. 

For effective search engine optimization, well-constructed posts will improve page rank scores  and provide more value to site visitors. . SEO is an art and it is important to make sure you not only write quality content but also have the website architecture set up so that the search engines can easily crawl and access that content. 

We don’t recommend that you only write blogs on sites like instead of your own website. We hear call after call of clients publishing all of their content on Medium and you are essentially ranking their website, not yours.

We recommend publishing your blogs on your own domain with between 800-1200 words of content and writing shorter blogs with similar content on sites like Medium. It is extremely important to never use duplicate content, even if you are copying your own article that you posted somewhere else. Knowing this and several other action items is why we’re one of the fastest growing crypto SEO agencies

Whatever category your project falls into, including utility tokens, security tokens, NFTs, wallets, exchanges, or P2E games. If you don’t want to write it yourself, e can provide you with extremely professional and compelling content. We have ranked over 2300+ keywords on the 1st page of Google in 12 years of running our SEO Agency.

This SEO-optimized content, however, will not just be available on Google, but will also be available on other search engines such as Bing, Brave, and Presearch. This kind of dissemination will ensure that your project gets discovered by the proper individuals wherever they are searching for information about your project. 

Crypto Growth Hacking #4 – Bounties or Community Giveaways

It’s not only about growth hacking a crypto community when you give away crypto bounties. People may genuinely help you with marketing promotion by doing things in exchange for contests, recognition, or support for projects they believe in. Some things we have seen are blog writing, video creation, forum promotions, and social media campaigns.

There are other developers that can help detect flaws in your system or errors on your website. Because these individuals are aware that their efforts will be rewarded, they devote their time and effort to promoting your crypto project as widely as possible. This is a great way to make your community and team look more robust than it is without having to pay for more full-time employees or virtual assistants. 

There are, however, some key distinctions between growth hacking and regular marketing. While marketers are normally preoccupied with day-to-day marketing and branding, growth hackers focus on the next growth possibilities. Most conventional marketers focus on awareness and acquisition, but growth hackers do small experiments and test every direction they want to go to find out which solution works best based on limited financial resources.

Good growth hackers are able to quickly know what is working for their project and scale fast and efficiently. . They are also very data-driven instead of emotionally driven. It is important to wear a lot of hats and have experience in many services. Technical talents like programming, automation, and development are also very valuable to help grow your crypto company efficiently and save on expensive resources. 

With over a decade of experience, we know what is needed to succeed in the space. We have bootstrapped 3 businesses ourselves through many of these strategies provided above. When you are ready to take your project to the next level with legitimate Paid Ads expertise or industry-leading SEO campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact We also offer very creative and efficient guerrilla marketing solutions and have access to 280 of the best influencers in our industry. Get a free consultation on how crypto growth hacking strategies can be applied to your project.  

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